Zombies in the Bounce House Industry

Zombies in the Bounce House Industry

I like to beat up the Bounce House Industry because it’s fun and funny. However, I do it to inform and teach.

When I get calls from potential clients telling me about their competitors I can’t help but laugh. If ONLY they knew the majority of operators are sitting ducks. They herd around like zombies waiting for the next human flesh to appear – You want to see where they all hang out right now? Email me and I will share the link.

Before you get into this industry, there’s one item you should never get – Ok, you twisted my arm – It’s those dam panels. It’s the all-time favorite items among Bounce House Zombies operators and they all seem to have one issue, No new flesh to eat (New Clients) Clients are looking to escape their death grip. Avoiding this contagious disease call the paneltitis. If you are new in the rental industry, avoid the panels. They are overly done. Old, played out. Staying away from them will give you the edge over those that are pushing these panels.

Here’s some flash news for you-

You aren’t going to fool your targeted customers. They all have been exposed to better looking websites. They all have seen those ugly looking panels that every single company has – So what’s separating you? I know, you want to appear bigger than you really are to your competitors. Guess what? Who cares what they think?

Separate yourself from the zombie heard and cash in! The majority doesn’t take online marketing seriously. They always follow other zombies in a group. They are easier to eliminate in a group. Simply become different by being the new guy without the panels.

When I was in the rental business I enjoyed taking customers away from these zombies and their clients always said “Thank you, we needed something different and new”

Like I always say “There’s no real competition in this industry” Don’t join the herd. It’s contagious and will reflect in your business account.

I didn’t mean to offend you if you have these panels or the Bounce House Zombie mindset. I’m an educator and a marketer at the same time. I hate new business owners make these repeated mistakes.

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