Why WordPress

Affordable Bounce House Websites

Custom website starting at $1,500

If you came looking for an affordable template website you came to the wrong place. We don’t mess around with people’s businesses to be creating websites out of templates or worse – Frame websites. Times has changed. It’s a new world out here. You are going to choke your business with any of these early 1998-2012 methods that are still being pumped out to potential victims or those wanting a cheaper alternatives. A costly mistake at the end.

We specialize in this industry due to our past experience owning a rental business and very still active in off and online marketing. We know this industry. Who would you rather have creating your business website a person who dabbles in design or a firm who specializes in this industry?


Eye catching and pleasing:

If you are in the Bounce House Rental business than you know how bad a template website looks. I’m sure you have seen ugly websites that are being used to attract potential customers. The first 5 seconds is the most critical moment you have when attracting customers. Your website is your representation of your business and a cheesy website will kill it for most of these operators. You see… It’s not 2001 anymore. Your potential clients are web savvies now. Don’t let a template or frame site kill your business.

Why WordPress?

Easy to use and manage:

We got into WordPress design in early 2011 when WordPress was getting mainstreamed and for a good reason? Google! Google loves WordPress and because we love SEO and marketing we quickly adopted this platform. Due to the success our clients had we took WordPress design to a whole different level. We started to customize them to look and perform for the Bounce House Industry. The best part was…that it was easy for our clients to use and manage without being a geek! We quickly became the “Go to company” for the WOW effect and their search engine power.

The benefits of using WordPress:

  • Ease of Use – If you know how to use Microsoft Word and can send an email, you can manage your website!  With point and click features and an intuitive user interface, managing your website couldn’t be easier. Whether you want to add pages, upload images or change your menu items, it’s all simple to do.
  • No HTML / Coding Required – One of the biggest benefits to using WordPress for your rental business is that it doesn’t require you to know  HTML.  All of the formatting is done for you – on the backend – ensuring your website design isn’t compromised.
  • Search Engine Friendly – Out of the box, the code and linking structure of WordPress is built to be search engine friendly.  And every page, post, category, etc. can have its own Meta data – title, keywords and description.
  • Manage from Anywhere – With a custom WordPress website you can manage your website’s content from any computer or laptop or tablet.  And with an easy-to-use app, you can even update your website from your smart phone!
  • Built-in Blog Platform – Right out of the box WordPress has a fully functioning blog template with all of the features you’d expect from a professional blog.  Whether you need to update corporate news or the latest community events on your website, the built-in blog feature allows you to display and categorize your content any way you want.
  • Delayed posts for SEO – With content being ask by Google now you can actually create as many future post as you want and you pick date and time you want it to be release into the search engines for EXTRA TRAFFIC!!

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