What is Bounce House Marketing

SEO - Specialist

Bounce House Marketing is a small Marketing firm who specializes in the Bounce House Industry. BHM is a team of 5 members who specializes in web designing, off and online Marketing as well as Humanized SEO. Their joined forces has made them the most respected specialist for the Bounce House Industry around the world.

 BHM is the only firm of it’s kind that actually spends time with each and every client and guide them through a series of training to help their clients get the most out of their rental business using their services. Their proven record has made them the “Go to company”

BHM offers a unique blend of training to get their clients get the most out of their rental business. This specialized group have combined their skills and packaged them under a monthly affordable subscription program for the Bounce House Operators. Their program is very selective and not everyone gets accepted. You have to meet certain criteria before being allowed in their safe guarded program.

The PROGRAM is not just about improving  rankings on Google. Their objective is to help drive qualified renters to their client’s websites, not just casual visitors. Anyone can get visitors but it’s the qualified ones they are actually after with their specialize program.