With their heads cut off

chicken3If you look at any typical Bounce House Operator at the beginning of the season they usually like the picture to your left  running around with their heads cut off. They wait anxiously for the phone to ring, looking at their website and wondering if they did everything correctly and wishing they did this or that.

Let me ask you a question. Is this the ideal company you want to run? If I had a company like this I will personally shut it down because this is NOT business. This is not a business mindset.


While the notion of a typical operator will says “It’s winter” or “Customers isn’t booking due to the weather” is one of the dumbest thing I could hear. As a business owner, you must break away from this nonsense. It can hurt your business.

Let me tell you how easy it is to be in front of your customer’s mind even on the coldest day in December.

Ready? Are you sure? Ok, EMAIL MARKETING. I’ve been preaching this since I was a tender age of 26 when I retired from a time clock. I discovered the power of email marketing and my businesses has never been the same.

Email marketing is your lifeline to your customers especially for service providers like you! Why wait till Spring or wait for the phone to ring?

Email marketing allows you to connect with customers at a much deeper level. Wouldn’t you like this power? Imagine how you would feel if you could sit behind a computer and promote your new unit in your pajamas to hundreds of your customers with a single email? Will this separate you from those companies who wait for their phone to ring every single season.

Let me jump in to adding value – Could you imagine how much your business will be worth if you had a real database of customers?

I have used email marketing to create pre-book specials during the Winter time. I was getting booked while my competitors where wasting time while I rack up clients!! Email should be part of your business.

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