Q. Can I just buy the website and skip the program?
You can, but you will loose on the major part of the program that’s been designed to help you. If you do decide to leave, we will apply your deposit. So if you decide to leave after being with us for 1 year, you will only get credit for your deposit. You pay the remaining of the cost of the website.

Q. How much is the website without the program?
They start at $1500 depending on pages and layout.

Q. What’s the process to get started?
After we collect some information from you and the $499 deposit we get into the design process. You will receive your first mockup within 4-7 days. Depending on the design, we can have you in your new website within 3-4 weeks!

Q. How many pages do you add with products?
We only add about 5 pictures to the main products pages such as Bounce House, Combos, slides and or the Concession page or Obstacle. We do this to keep our prices affordable. We will show you how to add more pages and inner pages to connect them. If you want us to do it there will be an additional fee. However, Your site is very easy to manage.

Q. How many emails am I allow to use?
We configure your account to have 1 email address. Any additional will cost $30 to setup.

Q. Where can I see some website your team created?
Simply visit our portfolio section.

Q. What about refund policy?
Because our sites are hand design and NOT the typical cheap template websites you’ll find out there we don’t give refunds.

Q. I don’t really have a design in mind, can you still help me?
It’s really important to have an idea. However, if you give us an idea we will try to bring it to life. If your design sounds too detailed, you run the chance of us not accepting your job. If we do take your job we will work on your initial mockup. We don’t create new mockups as it’s too costly. Again, these are hand designed and not cheesy template websites.