How to eliminate Tire kickers and morons

Ever wonder where the term “Tire Kicker” came from?

Tire KickersThe term comes from salespeople at car dealerships. Tire kickers would come around frequently, kick the tires a few times on the cars that they liked, but never make a solid purchasing decision on any particular car.

In any business, a tire kicker is someone who asks about a product or service, and asks a million questions, but never buys anything. UGH!! This drives me nuts. I’m pretty sure you get these people asking you about a particular unit and asks how much it cost when prices are displayed right on the site.

And because I hate to waste my time, I came up with my own formula that I use in my businesses that allows me and my staff to stay focused. We don’t cater to tire kickers or morons. We strive for perfection and giving our customers the best websites, training and tools they need that will allow them to maintain a highly profitable rental business.

How can you apply these principles in your business right now? With the steps below you will learn “How to eliminate Tire kickers and morons”

    • The first thing you must do is not to worry about competitors because you need them. They will make your business shine when they fail their own business. Besides, when you invest time and productive effort in your business it will show against competitors. In all honesty, the more competitors the better it is.
    • Add prices on your website. You’ll be surprise how many tire kickers and morons you will eliminate with just this alone!
    • Don’t bargain with your prices because even if you do, these tire kickers and morons will continue to shop for a cheaper price after they try to haggled you into a reduced price.
    • Bargain hunters are the worst clients or subscribers you want on your database or email list.
    • Start to delegate some of the tasks. This will allow you to focus on other areas where your business needs you the most and in this case 70% would be in marketing and target “Hot Leads”
    • Get your site ranked well with great content and videos and add a direct call to action – If you are selling or renting anything add a button that says “Rent Now” or “Buy Now” This is great to eliminate the pathetic tire kickers and morons from holding you up – Remember, time is money.
    • If you have everything in place and you still get the “Let me consult my wife or husband” move on. Don’t waste another breath. These morons wanted to see if they are dealing with another moron.

Implementing these simple steps will get you in front of people who are ready to take action. Once these clients take action ask them to join your emailing list for special offers and discount. Rinse and repeat to create a nice profitable and scalable business.

Remember this… when you deliver a great product or service you will gain loyal clients. Think of it as “Relationship that will pay off.”

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