Don’t be forgotten

Many Bounce House Business owners are having a hard time making the transition to email collections.  I can’t stress how important this is to your party rental business.  Yes its true that your business cannot survive on repeat customers, but it can be an excellent way to keep revenue at its peak.  Interaction with customers “Do Not Spam Them” through email marketing works well because in many cases folks that rent bounce houses do so once or twice a year.  It allows you to put your business name in front of them throughout the time of year they may not be renting, so when they are ready they think of you and your great service.  Often times your previous customers will be pleased with your service but don’t recall the name of your company.  This is like giving away customers to the competition when they have to start searching for companies.  Beat them to the punch with your emails, offer special prices only through your email subscriptions.

I would recommend using emails once or twice a month.  People really dislike having their inboxes blown up with emails from some spammer trying to get them to buy something.  I’ve used this technique for quite sometime and have attributed many rentals throughout the year to my email marketing.  Hope this helps keep your business growing!

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