Localized SEO – Bounce House Business

As more people staying connected to their cellphones and never logging  off their computer, local searches has become more important than anything else. Years ago, Google had a vision to give people the best results for local results. Example: If I wanted to order pizza I had to type in “Pizza – City, Town” to find a local shop but in some cases I still do but not with my cellphone. Your cellphone will pick up your current location and it gave you all the nearest pizza shop within your local Read more >>

SEO In A Bottle

SEO in a Bottle? I write to educate the general  public that there is NO SUCH THING as “Built in SEO” or a “One Time Setup.” People are getting misled by these claims. I had someone call me and asking about the “Built in SEO” Where in the world people are getting this information from? The ONLY platform till this day that’s SEO friendly is WordPress by a small margin but not enough to get your business an upper hand. It’s still needs to be configured to be on the playing field. SEO Read more >>

Being cheap in the Bounce House Industry

We all want to save a bit of money in this industry and while there’s nothing wrong with it,  you must know when and how to apply this saving attitude in your business . It’s Ok to save money on units, cleaning materials and do a little physical help here and there but when it comes to really creating a profitable business you need a team. Before I run off with this post let me tell you a bit about how I ran many of my profitable businesses in the past and still do today.   I Read more >>

Tweak and refine your website for constant traffic

Ask anyone what they want out of their business website and they will all say the same thing “Traffic” While getting traffic is fairly easy, getting targeted traffic takes on a more discipline basic approach. Many new Google updates have taken place over the years as an addition and many SEO firms and bloggers have scared many business website owners into a mass frenzy but in reality there’s no need to panic as long as you have a website you fully control and not a software base like template Read more >>

Yellow Pages

Thinking of advertising in the Yellow Pages? Think again. [Y27Xlightbox_ultimate_youtube_video_embed videoid="rcmjsWsJuvo" playlist="" width="680" height="400" hd="0" autoplay="1" display_control="1" fullscreen="1" autohide="2" theme="dark" use_https="" enable_privacy="" show_logo="1" showinfo="1" auto_popup="" direct_embed="" anchor_type="text" text="Click here to hear what they are saying about Yellow Pages" source=""]  Long gone are the days of thumbing through the Yellow Pages to find the Read more >>
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