The Importance and The Best Way To Utilize Social Media

Social media is the latest buzz in the world of internet marketing especially in the rental industry - Well for those that are embracing it. Social media marketing has revolutionized the way businesses attract customers. With business enterprise taking the on the net route in a large way, advertising and marketing techniques have also shifted base, from the highly expensive and lengthy advertisements by means of unique media such as newspapers, magazines, radio and television to absolutely free marketing Read more >>

Optimize your content

Optimize your content Just because you wrote a piece of content and just slapped it on your page or post and hit the publish button is not enough to drive traffic – Every piece of content that you write must have an objective and goal you want to accomplish. Again, this industry is so off base that I enjoyed ripping them apart because I want them to learn from their mistakes. With Google on a constant lookout for new content it makes more sense to take your time with your content creation. Read more >>

Bounce House Business

The truth about the Bounce House Business that no one wants to talk about or share. The fact that the Bounce House Business is booming business that deserve to be look at despite all the media negativity is a profitable one as long as you have the right tools and guide. Like any true business you must have the right website and knowledge on how online exposure and Social Media plays a huge part in the rental business. You've seen these bounce houses in parks, community events, churches and even Read more >>

One size may not fit all

In my many years in marketing and owning several successful  businesses in the past, I can tell you right now that NOT all marketing works well. Occasionally a business owner will run into the “One size may not fit all” and  before they realize it, they may already have spent several hundreds to several thousands in testing to see what gives them a better return for their marketing dollar. The sad part is that most don't track their advertising dollar or have nothing to compare data with. It's Read more >>

Methodology of SEO

The methodology of SEO has changed drastically in the last few months and Google has made it clear. If a site doesn’t produce the signals of a relevant and useful website, it will lose its ranking period!. These new changes have many small business owners scrambling for help. So before you run to your affordable SEO guy let me personally let you in on a secret.   Not all SEO firms keep up with the changes due to its cost to retrain their employees and the time needed to re-learn the new Read more >>
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