Google plus

The above heading says it all... Neglecting Google plus is bad. Let's face it, as much as I love Google and what it has done to give us instant information Facebook has captured the world. You need a product or service? Go to Google. You want to engage your customers? Go to Facebook! Facebook found a way to mesmerize the world with its platform. Facebook allows you to play games, share photos, videos, praise or trash your friends. As far a business goes? Simple. It allows you to brand your company Read more >>

The comic sans font will kill your bounce house business

Can something as little as fonts kill your business image? Yes! You see fonts are used to separate different part of a page structure to make it easy for your readers to read. It also separates what's important and creates a mood within the reader's mind. However, I don't want to lose you over this topic too much so I will dive in and talk about the “Comic Sans” font. This font was adopted in 1997 by the Bounce House industry and it was a nice add on to the overly used “Template websites” Read more >>

Getting into the Bounce House industry with NO competition

Getting into the Bounce House industry with NO competition New to the bounce house industry and you are worried about competition? Don't be. You see, this industry isn't up to par when it comes to technology. This means more than likely your competitors will have an outdated website and haven't embraced Social Media which is NOW required if you want to stay in business. Now a day missing any of these elements will cripple a rental business attempt to a halt. You will be fine if you stay ahead of Read more >>

5 Mistakes Bounce House Operators Make

5 Mistakes Bounce House Operators Make With Their Websites Whether you’re providing a product, service, your website not only should reflect you and/or your brand, it also needs to be the central location for your business. There’s simply no other way around it. All of your marketing efforts lead back to your website. Which is why it’s of the utmost importance to setup your website correctly.   You only have 5 seconds to convince your potential clients they landed on the right Read more >>

Why WordPress

The world has changed greatly and this has to be accepted by everyone including serious businesspersons who intend to prosper. With the introduction of internet technology, the process of marketing has also become simpler and easier than the past. In case you do not have enough skills and content knowledge about HTML, you should not opt for one. There are other content management systems such as WordPress that are doing very well in this field of business. This articles looks into the benefits Read more >>
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