Your YouTube videos leaving bad impressions

If you are a serious Bounce House Operators than you know that YouTube is one of the most powerful FREE marketing tool any business can use. It helps close deals and increase your conversions to sales. The video will helps to demonstrate the product or services in full details. However, use it wrong and it can hurt your business as well, not only on Google search engines but it's powerful purpose with your customers. Before embarking on this FREE powerful marketing tool, I suggest you do a Read more >>

With their heads cut off

If you look at any typical Bounce House Operator at the beginning of the season they usually like the picture to your left  running around with their heads cut off. They wait anxiously for the phone to ring, looking at their website and wondering if they did everything correctly and wishing they did this or that. Let me ask you a question. Is this the ideal company you want to run? If I had a company like this I will personally shut it down because this is NOT business. This is not a business Read more >>