Step 1 – We bring ideas to life!


Our Photoshop team are experts in graphic designing with many years experience. Give us your ideas and we bring it to life! So pat yourself in the back, you are a design genius. However, with such power we urge you to use it wisely. We ask that you be clear as to how you want your design to look. Our team are experts in bringing your thought to life, but we don’t like to use them for your trial look playtime. We don’t offer different versions. We tweak your initial mockup design. Creating different versions will be really naughty and expensive. We are sure you don’t want to cover that cost! Remember that word – professionals.

 Urgent – Please read-

After we receive the $499 non refundable deposit (Read our terms) – Our Photoshop expert gets whipped several times and forced to create your design. After a few long frustrating days they get your idea on a mock up which we then forward you for your review. Remember, this stage is very critical, so please show your friends, your wife’s cousin and your neighbor’s best friend your mock up design. If you all approve, it goes into production stage You get 3 revisions. After the three revision there’s a $90 charge per revision. So make sure YOU are clear on what you need and looking for.

Having our designers make changes after you approved your design is very costly and puts our designers on over-time and pushes everyone else projects back. Not cool when everyone wanted their design mockup yesterday! – I’m sure you don’t want to cover this cost as well.

Once the design mockup gets approved by YOU, we move on to create the inner pages like the Contact us, Products page and the blog. We don’t cheese up the same look for all the pages – “We told you we custom build!” We don’t buy cookie cutter cheesy themes and alter their looks. Horrible – It should be the 11th commandments – “We shall not disrespect thy clients with cheesy WordPress themes”

Step 2 –  Building your website


Once your approved mockup design gets completed, it moves on to our WordPress integration department. These guys are responsible for making your design work with WordPress. Unlike our Photoshop experts, these guys are not whipped, they are the ones who will make your site come alive!

While we build your website, we ask that you send us photos of your units and any content you may have off your website. Be advised your content may be revised for SEO purposes to enhance your targeted keywords and phrases to help you in the Search Engines. We also add 3 – 5 pictures per categories for up to 5 tabs to keep our deposit requirement affordable. You will have the opportunity to add your own images with ease.

Your photos:
Make sure your photos are stock images (Clean). This helps make your new website look its best. If we need to Photoshop your existing images their will be additional cost per image.

Inner pages:
Inner secondary pages are created by the clients. otherwise you wouldn’t be paying a small $499 deposit. We do this to keep our entry program affordable. We provide training at our private member’s area.

Step 3 – Collecting and pointing

CreationAt this stage we will help you point your domain name to our hosting and create you your own email name to match your website URL. We love to use Gmail because of its power and because Google owns it. ( If you don’t have a Gmail account we advise you to create one- It’s FREE! We will create 1 FREE email account. You may add more at an additional $30 per email configuration.

This will be the final steps on your website creation.


 Step 4 – SEO and Marketing Targeting Stage

Like scientist we will be working on your site to get the perfect blend between the Search Engines and user friendly criteria based on Google’s guidelines. Our WordPress designer and SEO team work together to come up with the magic dose for your business to expand and grow. This stage is very critical for this industry.


SEO is not a magic formula. YOU MUST put extra effort once we teach you how to keep your site SEO friendly. We do this to keep our site affordable while giving you the opportunity to get to know your website. Visit our Bounce House Community Forum to get the latest in Humanized SEO training.

The second step is teaching you the true concept of Social Media Marketing. This series of training can be found in your community forum section. This is very critical for 2014 and beyond. Failing to grasp this concept will doom your rental business.

Please note: The information below ONLY applies for those that got into our website program.

 We are serious about our program: –

We take our work and program very seriously. We are constantly improving our service and only want to retain those that are serious about their rental business. We humanly monitor all our sites to keep them safe and sound so you won’t have any issues with your site.



Real Urgent Please Read:

We like to screen people before letting them join our monthly program so we could have a smooth relationship between us and our clients.  Once you get accepted to our monthly program the first STEP you should take is to backup your existing website just in case you fail to maintain your monthly subscription or you fail to get involved with your site. We will take action and de-activate the site. You will be given an opportunity to address the situation. Again, we want to focus on clients who are committed to us.

Paying your invoice whenever you want is a sure way for us to close your account and offer you the opportunity to purchase the site at the current rate of $1,500 – At this point we offer no support or plugin updates. You will also lose your membership to our community forum – Think twice before joining our powerful program. It’s meant for serious business owners.

We created the most powerful website marketing program in the world! We expect you to treat it as such.

To Summarize the process

It takes up to 30 days ( Smaller sites take less time) before you see your new website and ready to be uploaded. Your old website will still be up during this process. Our team know how important your business is so we usually swap websites after 1AM in the morning when most likely no one is at your site. ( You see, we do care ) You are responsible of backing up your old website site prior to joining our monthly program. We don’t provide this service. Joining our program, we will assume you read our policy and deposits are non refundable due to our custom work.

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