Custom website for the bounce house industry

Custom Website For The Bounce House Industry

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Lets face it, you probably have a rental business and no matter what you have done up to this point to increase business has failed. You’d tried the “7secrets of SEO” and the “Built in SEO” gadgets and nothing seemed to help while phone calls are decreasing at an alarming rate. Well, let me be the first to tell you… You are being misled with useless, outdated SEO tactics and web-design that are simply NOT within Google’s new guidelines and sites not built for this industry which will cost you thousands in lost rentals.

Google new changes:

Due to Google’s constant changes it’s almost impossible for the average business owner to keep up without the right guidance. Not all web designers understand what SEO is and how it can be a huge factor in the rental business. Would you go to your primary foot doctor for a shoulder surgery? of course not! We specialize in this industry for SEO and web design. We have been in the rental business ourselves and this gives us an edge over those that never operated one. We know your business needs and wants.

Why Google makes all these changes?

Google continues to improve and make constant changes to give the end user a better search results that will provide the best website based on their searches. This new trend is called “Humanized Websites.” Website created for humans with real relevant information that engages real people looking for products or services. Most sites today are outdated and SEOed for bots. They are spammy and the content sounds weird because it’s wasn’t written for humans, It was meant to trick Google for certain keywords. This tactic is old and should be avoided at all cost. It’s not 2010 anymore.

Our $599 website program:

Our $599 program was created to help Bounce House Jumper operators get guided in the right direction with a custom built website created solely for this industry. The program was designed to help you increase your rental business with the right website and full training on SEO, Marketing including the proper way to use Social Media sites for your rental business via our private member’s area which contains video training and real human support.

To get started its only $599* down.
The $97 fee covers all training  and the upkeep of your site and critical plugin updates, hosting, softwares and SEO training the heart of the program to help you grow your rental business. It also reduces your balance as well.


Q. Can I just buy the website and skip the program?
You can, but you will loose on the major part of the program that’s been designed to help you grow your rental business. If you do decide to leave, we will apply your payments to your balance.

Q. How much is the website without the program?
They start at $2100 for mobile friendly websites.

Q. What’s the process to get started?
After we collect some information from you and the $599 deposit we get into the design process. You will receive your first mockup within 7-10 days. Depending on the design, we can have you in your new website within 4-6 weeks!

Q. How many pages do you add with my products?
We only add about 5 pictures to the main products pages such as Bounce House, Combos, slides and or the Concession page or Obstacle. We do this to keep our prices affordable. We will show you how to add more pages and inner pages to connect them. If you want us to do it there will be an additional fee. However, Your site is very easy to manage.

Q. How long do I stay at the $97 plan?
Until you reach the total cost of the website. After that, it’s only $67 a month to keep getting all the benefits such as hosting, training, website upgrades and softwares. Again, this is optional.

Q. How many emails am I allow to use?
We configure your account to have 1 email address. Any additional will cost $60 to setup.

Q. Where can I see some website your team created?
Absolutely! Simply visit our portfolio section.

Q. What about refund policy?
Because our sites are hand design and NOT the typical cheap template websites you’ll find out there we don’t give refunds.

Q. I don’t really have a design in mind, can you still help me?
It’s really important to have an idea. However, if you give us an idea we will try to bring it to life. If your design sounds too detailed, you run the chance of us not accepting your job. If we do take your job we will work on your initial mockup. We don’t create new mockups as it’s too costly. Again, these are hand designed and not cheesy template websites.

**Mobile friendly website start at $599 down or $2100 w/out program

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